Centering Prayer
Practitioners of Centering Prayer are known for the great enthusiasm they bring to the practice of this ancient discipline. For all who wish to know the practice of Centering Prayer, we look to the teachings of Thomas Keating and Cynthia Bourgeault and how the practice is related to the classic tradition of Christian contemplation. We explore its revolutionary potential to transform Christian life. 

"At a time in our Christian life when the factional extremes, like the proverbial two cats of Kilkenny, seem intent on fighting each other to death while the rest of the world goes on its way in massive indifference, I know from my own experience that there is something in this prayer that can restore harmony, dignity, and depth to our lived Christian community."

-Cynthia Bourgeault, Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening

Welcoming Prayer -“Consent on the Go”

(Thomas Keating, Contemplative Outreach)
  • Focus, Feel & Sink Into
  • Welcome/Consent
  • Let go

 I am where I need to be. Everything around me includes and hides the sacred.”

- Mary Mrozowski

 Welcoming Prayer Practice – an embodied practice of YES for everyday life.  This “consent on the go” provides a means for moving deeper into trust and intimacy with the living God – the reality that we are not just with God, we are in God – each of us and all of us in every moment, in every experience. God is with us and loves us personally and uniquely, without exception.

This prayer practice encourages a relationship with the Spirit of God within you and a capacity for tuning into the presence and action of the Spirit in your life NOW. Be patient with yourself. The practice is simple and uncomplicated. Trust the process and the wisdom of this embodied practice. It is an active contemplative practice. It is not passive; it is not about tolerating or becoming a spiritual doormat. Welcoming is an active, conscious embrace of ourselves and situations in the present moment. It is a radical wake-up call to love, to “walk the talk” of the Gospels in everything as it is – even ourselves.

The Three Movements of The Welcoming Prayer Practice:

  1. Focus, Feel & Sink Into what you are experiencing at this moment in your body.

Using your intuitive eye, move gently through the body, scanning for any discomfort, pain, uneasiness, itching, heat, cold, tension, tingling, or other sensations. Rest (stop) there and experience it. All feelings, whether perceived as positive or negative, are welcomed. Feelings may intensify, dissolve, or change as we are present to them in the moment. Simply follow their movement. This part of the prayer helps us access the unconscious through the body, in the moment. Stay with it.

  1. “Welcome” what you are experiencing this moment in your body as an opportunity to consent to the Divine Indwelling. “Welcome” is the sacred word, the symbol of our consent to the presence and action of the Indwelling Spirit, whom we know by faith is always present, in and through our experience. Welcome is to embrace what we find happening within and embrace The Spirit.

  1. Let Go by saying the following:

           “I let go of my desire for security, affection, control and embrace this moment as it is.”

Saying this gets to the root of obstacles in the unconscious.

We consent to being transformed which includes the dismantling of our emotional programs for happiness and the healing of our unconscious.

We let go in order to open to the will of God in our life. We let go and “let God.”

We let go of that which we are attached to, cling to, unconsciously or consciously, in an attempt to possess and control a perceived source of happiness.

For more details, see: "Welcoming Prayer Handout for Retreats (2021)" download at bottom of this page.

Listening Prayer

This is a form of prayer where one (or two) people meet with two prayer facilitators in a quiet setting to listen and invite God’s healing presence into a present dilemma or an unhealed memory. Listening Prayer sessions can often be a way to look at past trauma and wounds is safe ways. A friend is welcome to attend with the person needing this practice.

The Practice & Values of Listening Prayer

Listening Prayer is the practice of listening to what God is saying to our hearts. It often takes the form of asking questions and tuning into our hearts for God's answers. Listening Prayer can be practiced alone in quiet with a journal, in a group setting, or with a trained Listening Prayer ministry team. The Centre for Spiritual Renewal has a Listening Prayer team available for one-on-one sessions and also offers training for this ministry. Listening Prayer sessions are beautiful experiences with God that bring clarity, wisdom, and healing.

A session with a facilitator is the practice of a three-way conversation between God, the person receiving prayer, and the prayer facilitator. Also present is a second prayer facilitator who will quietly intercede and scribe for the prayer session. At the end of the prayer session the scribed notes will be given to the person who has received prayer. When possible, during the session there will be an intercessor praying offsite. During the listening prayer session, the facilitator will ask Jesus questions and the person receiving prayer listens for the response. Usually questions and communication are addressed to Jesus, however, we recognize that sometimes people connect better when using a different name for God such as Love, Spirit, Good Shepherd, Divine Friend, or another. The person receiving prayer is asked to let the facilitator know how they best connect with God. The facilitator will help the person receiving ministry to meet God, stay connected to God, listen for God’s words, and encounter truth for themselves. We quietly allow space and time for God and the person to interact in this unseen reality. We also confirm God’s truth, character, and love along the way. It is like meeting Jesus in a modern-day gospel story--your own.

To book a session contact Leslie Wieler

The Centre offers workshops and practice sessions, for all levels of experience, to help you deepen and enhance your connection to God through prayer.