At St. Paul's, your presence matters, your voice is heard, and your journey is valued

St Paul’s Anglican Parish is in the midst of launching a brand new partner Centre.This urban Centre is called, "The Centre for Spiritual Re-Imagination." In the heart of Vancouver’s West End, St. Paul’s offers unique programs and resources to promote spiritual renewal within Vancouver’s diverse urban culture. The Online Morning Prayer each day began in the Covid19 Pandemic and has grown to be a favorite practice for many from far and near. Watch for the unfolding of our new program!

Discover the transformative power of walking our large indoor Labyrinth, designed in the Chartres pattern. The Labyrinth meditation path leads you into a time of embodied prayer and reflection as you surrender to the mystery of the spiritiual journey - a tradition that spans centuries. The labyrinth is open most Sundays from 10 am to noon and at retreats.


1130 Jervis Street, Vancouver BC

Office: 604.685.6832

Centre Director: Philip Cochrane