St. Dunstan's Centre for Spiritual Renewal

The Centre began at St. Dunstan's in 2018 when Rev. David Taylor and Rev. Lorie Martin joined dreams, experience, and energy to develope the Centre for Spiritual Renewal. They gathered the already existing spiritual formation programs in the church and added a beautiful grass-path labyrinth, weekly contemplative practices, occassional workshops, studies, and community retreats. The life of the Centre flourished as many were drawn to this type of spiritual experience.

The Centre at St. Dunstans remains a vital and vibrant part of the ministry of the parish. We continue to explore spiritual practices, retreats, and conferences as a way to inspire and invite people of the parish and the wider community. This past year we were thrilled to host the Awaken Love conference which brought in people from around the lower mainland and the US to explore their relationship to God. We are excited to have Katherine Murray take on the role of associate director for the centre at St. Dunstan’s. Her experience of community building, contemplation, interfaith work and peace-making will guide the centre into new and wonderful ways in the coming years. – Rev. David Taylor  (Now the Rector at St. Mark's, Ocean Park/Whiterock)


3025-264 Street Aldergrove BC

Office: 604.856.5393

Centre Associate Director: Katherine Murray