Study at the Centre

At the Centre we are life-long learners who engage our spiritual life through study in a way that keeps the heart connected to the growing process. ‘The mind serves the heart’ as we learn, train, and use our minds to their fullest capacity to participate in life-growing conscious work.

The Benedictine Life Model

The Centre for Spiritual Renewal has as one of its guides, the Benedictine Life Model. This model shows how we live and invite others into the rejuvenating cycle of STABILITY (trust), leading to OBEDIENCE (a listening/discerning response), which moves to CONVERSION of LIFE (new results), which brings us back to greater stability with the cycle of transformation ongoing. We also teach and study in a variety of ways, and invite people into the Benedictine principles and Rule of Life which provides a framework for approaching the spiritual life for both individuals and communities.

Our efforts are to be a safe community of faith where the wisdom of God is celebrated and remembered as being with us here, now, in the present moment in balance with exercising our minds with study, reason, and thoughtful discernment. We understand the learning and conversion process is empowered by the Holy Spirit with our consent.

The rhythm and balance of Benedictine thought is the practice of living well during the polarities of life. Finding a way to live the many dimensions of our lives – work, prayer, rest, companionship, study – in a way that will sustain us.

From The Diocesan School for Parish Development – Anglican Diocese of New Westminster